Young Family Legal Plan

Over the years we discovered that most families with young children need certain basic documents for their estate planning. The problem was that the various documents that needed to be completed were done at different times and that the cost to do so for many people was beyond what they could afford or wanted to pay.

Therefore, the law firm of Weinkam & Weinkam, P.A. developed the Young Family Plan for families with young children. By combining the documents needed at one time, we were able to reduce costs and present these plans at a price more affordable to most people.

The Young Family Plan includes:
  • Wills for husband and wife with trust clauses for minor children
  • Powers of Attorney for husband and wife
  • Advance Care Directives for both spouses
  • Guardian consent documents in the event the parties were to leave their children in someone else’s care should they travel out of state.
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Please read our disclaimer for this site.