Wills, Power of Attorneys & Advance Directives

Everyone needs an estate plan. At Weinkam & Weinkam, P.A., the attorneys will work with you to determine your individual needs. Whether it is preparing a Will, Power of Attorney, Advance Directive, or creating a Trust, we will make sure that you have a plan that fits your needs.

What is a Will?

The most prevalent form used in Estate Planning is the Last Will and Testament, also known as the Will. The Will is a document executed by a person to dispose of their assets upon death. Wills provide for the designation of the Personal Representative of the Estate and distribution of assets as dictated by the deceased.

Why do I Need a Power of Attorney?

The General Power of Attorney deals with the handling of financial affairs once a person is unable to handle those for themselves. The Power of Attorney is generally appointed to handle all financial affairs including, but not limited to, access to bank accounts and other matters concerning the disabled’s financial affairs. The primary importance of a Power of Attorney is to avoid the expense and time of a Court Ordered Guardianship and allows for a person to appoint their caretaker.

What is an Advance Directive?

The Advance Directive is a document that allows a person to make their end of life medical choices regarding medications, nutrition, and hydration under various circumstances of illness should they become unable to make those decisions for themselves.

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